Oliver Clark

Oliver Clark studied English, American, Italian literature, as well as journalism and communication science, at the Universities of Goettingen and Florence. Combining his studies with the fields of film and television he wrote his Master’s thesis on „Forms of cinematic and literary narration in the works of Robert Altman and Raymond Carver“

A freelance filmmaker and voice artist since 1996, he also worked as author, film reviewer, teacher, book seller, film projectionist. In 1995 he co-founded the Goettingen Low Budget Filmfestival. In 1998 he established SurfCut film&video, the company successfully produced various music videos, corporate videos and commercials over the following 17 years.

In 2011, he co-founded Harderfilm, a company specialising in the production of feature films, the feature length crime drama “Harder and the Girl” was produced in 2012/2013, the science fiction short “Whitecollar Upgrade” was produced in 2021. In 2015, he co-founded The Award Winning Clark Brothers, a film and television creative production company, with writer and director Saffron Clark. In 2016, at Dublin Web Fest, The Clark Brothers won the Best Original Writing Award. In 2017 they broadcast the webseries “The Award Winning Clark Brothers’ Really Really Really Good Show”.singwas produced in 2021

In 2019 Oliver co-founded Parasol Productions, the international artist-filmmaker collective, with British writer/director Saffron Clark, Irish artist/musician/poet Carl Plover, German filmmaker/cameraman Markus Hüsgen. Current projects include the webseries’ “Two Corpses With Hard Ons” and “Staying In”, as well as TV series “Harder”, a brutally funny police drama (in pre-production), and “Room To Roam”, a slice-of hotel-life portmanteau feature film (in post-production).aff

Selected Filmography

1996 Thomas Stearns Eliot: Eyes That Last I Saw In Tears (experimental poetry video) 2000 Sugareen: Black and Blue (music video for Enola Music) 2002 Aldo Palazzeschi: Mar Grigio (experimental poetry video) 2004 Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken (experimental poetry video) 2007 Camera: Manfred Krueger (documentary portrait video) 2007 William Blake: To Summer (experimental poetry video) 2008 MK Bio – Tailor-made Immuno Assays (corporate video for MK Bio Shanghai) 2009 Projekt Pandora: Kleiner Wicht (music video for Sequential Media) 2011 Global City: International Gardens (documentary) 2013 Harder and the Girl (feature film with Harderfilm) 2013 Heartburn Billy And His Burning Harz: Schorsch Clooney (music video) 2015 City of Goettingen (corporate video for Goettingen Tourism and Nortia) 2016 Uwe Kolkmeyer und das Bohonga Spezial Ensemble: Spuren der Nacht (music video) 2017 The Award Winning Clark Brothers’ Really Really Really Good Show (webseries) 2020 Two Corpses With Hard Ons (webseries with Parasol) 2020 Staying In (webseries with Parasol)

Currently in Post Production:

2021 Whitecollar Upgrade (science fiction short with Harderfilm) 2021 Room To Roam (portmanteau feature film with Parasol)

Currently in Pre Production:

20XX Harder – The Series (TV series with Parasol)

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