Markus Hüsgen

Markus Hüsgen, born in 1959, graduate Photo and Media Engineering, cameraman, director, independent producer Tusitala Movies Göttingen.

1987 – 1992 cameraman, project and production manager, sound engineer for Sony, WDR, free video studios, commercial enterprise.1992 – 1993 Sound Engineer, Institute of Scientific Film (IWF), Göttingen.

1993 – 1998 cameraman, project and concept development, intern trainings and workshops / trainings at Universities.

1998 – 2002 Head of Media Technology, Institute of Scientific Film (IWF), Göttingen.

2002 – 2011 Business Unit Manager / Executive Officer ,Media and Technology, IWF Knowledge and Media, Göttingen.

Since 2012 owner of an independent production company, TusitalaMovies,

2019 Markus co-founded Parasol Productions, the international artist-filmmaker-collective, with British writer/director Saffron Clark, Irish artist/musician/poet Carl Plover and German/British freelance filmmaker, author, voice artist and editor Oliver Clark. Current projects “Room To Roam”, a slice-of hotel- life portmanteau feature film (in post-production) and several “Heavy Ideas” projects in development and preproduction.


Documentaries in Australia, Cook Islands, Samoa, Arctic, Norway, Canary Islands, America, Hungary, New Zealand Science Films Medical Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, from 1988 – 2021 Productions in the fields of nature and environmental protection, issues of sustainability in preparation and / or production, TusitalaMovies Göttingen

Currently in Production

2020 “Shutdown Stories!” – a Pandemic has faces 2020 “Mila Mar” – Music Documentary 2020 Husmann on Husmann – Ethnology and football worldwide 2019 “The School of Sustainability” communication and exchange platform 2018 Destination Samoa Reloaded – Documentary 22 year after – the story goes on – longtime documentary

Currently in Post-Production

2021 “Room To Roam” portmanteau feature film with Parasol Productions 2020 „Die Welt war grau wie Stein“ –Kalle Becker 2020 “Einer Mutter Kind” – Kalle Becker 2018 “Solarwind” in co-operation with SustainFilms

Extract/Excerpts Filmography:

2021 IGS Weende, Tusitala Movies 2020 Close, Tusitala Movies Cooperation 2019 Oberharzer Wasserregal, Tusitala Movies Cooperation 2018 Westcoast Malofie Evolution, Tusitala Movies 2017 “TKS – A Telling Name to Rely On” – Tusitala Movies Cooperation 2016 Der Pirat – Chronik eines Wahlkämpfers, Tusitala Movies, 50 Min. 2013 Lucha Canaria – englisch version, IWF Göttingen, 41 Min. 2012 Black Pearls (Cook Islands), Göttingen, 50 Min (not published) 2011 FairBleib Südniedersachsen: Short films and accompanying sequences: The Integration of Refugees into the Labour Market, Bildungsgenossenschaft Südniedersachsen eG, 60 Min. 1999 Fredrik Barth – From Field Research to Theory, IWF Göttingen, 56 Min. 1999 Destination Samoa – Extendet and Special Version, IWF Göttingen 61 Min. 1997 ULTREIA – The Historic Way of St. James and its Current Infrastructure, IWF Göttingen, 69 Min 1998 Destination Samoa – New Zealand Samoans Between Two Cultures, IWF Göttingen, 54 Min. 1995 Yothu Yindi – Building Bridges, Göttingen 54 Min. (not published) 1995 DEFA Director Prof. Dr. Kurt Maetzig on Political Aspects of his Filmmaking, IWF Göttingen, 58 Min. 1994 Eifel Volcanoes – Extinct or Active? IWF Göttingen, 44 Min. 1994 Exercises for Medical Consultation: Several Episodes, IWF Göttingen, all 112 Min. 1994 The Emergence of the World Picture of Physics – Forum of Natural Sciences, Humanities and the Arts at Göttingen University, IWF Göttingen, 117 Min. 1994 Continental Deep Drilling Program – Innovative Drilling Technique of the Main Well, IWF Göttingen, 54 Min. Industrial, marketing, advertising, training films for various business enterprises and institutes

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