Carl Antony Plover

Writer, poet and musician Carl Antony Plover (aka Wasps vs Humans) established creative collective Parasol Productions with three other independent talents. He has written five plays for theatre, all produced.

Under the name Wasps vs Humans performed as a punk poet, sharing the stage with some of Ireland’s & The UK’s well regarded performers and lyrical geniuses, including John Cooper Clarke, Christy Moore, Scroobius Pip, Whipping Boy, Jinx Lennon and a daring opening for The Fall. He has also had two novels and one poetry collection published.

He released an L.P and single with UK based 80s avant garde / experimental band, 4,000,000 Telephones, which gained critical acclaim in the UK national press and made the playlist of BBC Radio 1’s John Peel show. Tipped by NME as most likely candidates for better things. His more recent collaborations include the release of two singles with Cork based music producers and composers, Peter Power and Dave Duffy under the name Wasps vs Noise. He has also curated and compered the spoken word stage at the Independence Music & Arts Festival in Ireland and is currently one half of comedy duo Two Corpses With Hard ons.


Harry Pleasure (Theatre Works) Shaking Hands (Theatre Works) Like (Theatre Works Touring) Opera (Theatre Works Touring) The Nearly Men (Burning Paper) Four Play / Rat (Burning Paper)


Oh Minnie -Starring Linda Lusardi. (short film) The Nearly Men trailer (Starring Melvyn Hayes, Anna Brecon, Boothby Graffoe) Two corpses with Hard Ons – series one (web series) Two corpses With Hard Ons – series two (web series) Staying In (web series)


4,000,000, Telephones – 4,000,000, Telephones LP (Bunker Records) 4,000,000, Telephones French Girls 7 inch / 12 inch (Summerhouse Records) Monkeys With Clothes On – One Box (cassette only) Monkeys With Clothes on – Going Public (Cassette only) Monkeys with clothes On – Nearly rubbish CD (Self Released) Chunky Planet – Pensioners Watch TV (single) Chunky Planet – Walking in my Shoes (EP) Wasps vs Noise – Killing of Celebrity Culture (single) Wasps vs Noise – Karaoke Queen (single) Wasps vs Humans– Ugly America (single) Wasps vs Humans– Lou Reed (single) Wasps vs Humans – Run Somewhere (single) 4,000,000 Telephones = Goats (single download)

Published books:

Sustain your Ability to Satisfy (Yellow & Black) The Mattress (Yellow & black) Evel America (Yellow & Black)

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