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Two Corpses with Hard Ons: Series One

The web-based debut of the two cadaverous comics, written and performed by Simon Clark and Carl Plover, the dead duo dredge up the loves, losses and failures of their past, attempting to find some sense in it all, with very little success.

Two Corpses with Hard Ons: Series Two

The unexpected return of our eponymous performers – Simon Clark and Carl Plover – and this time they’re talking about “Sex, Death, Religion and the Media”, but is anyone actually listening…or laughing?

Staying In

A series of monologues and dualogues, written and delivered by Simon Clark and Carl Plover, during the first lockdown that offer glimpses into the odd lives lead by even odder folk in that fractured time.

Really Really Really Good Show

Presented by Simon Clark and Oliver Clark a web series about web series, the ‘Award Winning Clark Bros’ watch and talk through the World Cup 2018 Best 25 series, giving us their verdict on each and every one from “really, really really good to…bad”.

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