We are a creative collective: working collaboratively, utilising our writing, directing, filming and performing talents to develop independent projects across a variety of genres.


Parasol Productions are a creative collective: working collaboratively, utilising their writing, directing, filming and performing talents to develop independent projects across a variety of genres. These include drama, documentaries, comedy and stand up.

The founder members are based across Europe: Germany, Ireland and England – seeking other like-minded individuals and companies to further develop innovative, original and pertinent projects.

We offer a different voice and vision: independent, contemporary and curious. Parasol Productions: opening up to uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, fear and anything else that fuels our imagination….

Writer / Director / Performer

Saffron Clark

Writer / Performer / Musician

Carl Plover

Filmmaker / Author / Director / Editor / Voice Artist

Oliver Clark

Linda Plover

Producer / Writer / Musician


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Room To Roam

Written by Saffron Clark and Oliver Clark – a feature film based in the room of a second-rate hotel, featuring the third-rate activities of assorted guests, ghosts and visitors.

Harder - The Series

Written by Saffron Clark and Oliver Clark – a psychological police drama in which the central character, Harder – a father scarred by the abduction of his daughter – finds himself investigating a serial killer who may be connected to that abduction.

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Taking three protagonists as examples we cast a look at contemporary Samoa: Rooted between tradition and modernity it tries to find its own place in today’s world economy. The protagonists are wanderers between two cultures: modern New Zealand on the one hand, and Samoa with its traditional social structures on the other.

The film aims at an unusual closeness to the people portrayed in it, based on the long-lasting friendship between protagonists, director and film author. The film thus will be made in close cooperation of all of them. As a result, it will offer the viewers a realistic view of Samoa rather than stereotype images of a tourists’ paradise.

The Viral Messiah

Written by Saffron Clark & Carl Plover – a sitcom centred on Martin: a sandwich board man for a sandwich shop, who finds himself the developing centre of social media attention as he rants about the futility of his life, finding unwanted disciples as a result.

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A comedy drama, written by parent and son team: Saffron Clark and Zeph Smith; about a teenage boy searching for his absent mother whilst caring for his unstable, transgender father.

Two Corpses with Hard Ons

Saffron Clark and Carl Plover: two comedians “saying shit about big stuff”, their second web series explores the themes of “Sex, Death, Religion and The Media” so, really big shit. Official selection for the Seoul and Minnesota Web Festivals 2022, this series offers a comically cadaverous codicil to the accident of life.

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Princess and the Punk

A comedy film project with a Spinal Tap-esq vibe, written and performed by Saffron Clark and Carl Plover – Unknown comedic duo; transitioning transgender woman and a punk embark on a national tour of empty venues…

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